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Independent Financial Consultants

Hassle-Free Insurance Planning

As independent financial consultants, G-Force Financial Ltd will help you to decide on which risks to insure against and how best to achieve this..


Since we're independent, we’re able to comment on whatever policies or investments you may have.

In contrast to salespeople who work for insurance companies, we act as your agent rather than an agent of any product provider.

Personalised Advice

As independent advisers, we’re able to select the correct product for you from the entire market—that means we can potentially recommend any product from any insurance company providing it suits your needs and objectives.

With such a wide choice of companies, investments, and saving tools, you can be reassured that you are not simply being provided with a standard recommendation—you are receiving bespoke advice.

Meeting - Insurance Planning

Insurance Protection

We will help you decide the most important issues to be addressed when thinking about purchasing an insurance policy, and we will show you how to get the best value for your money. We arrange policies in such a way as to ensure minimal taxation and simple claims procedures which won’t happen if you buy these products on-line.

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